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A protective counterirritant topical gel to aid in the management of superficial wounds, inflammation, abrasions or raw skin of dogs or cats. $15. 25 These Healing Aids are produced by Addison Laboratories- a leading developer and supplier of veterinary products. Many holistic & homeopathic practitioners rely on these fine products as well.

Addison's credo is "First do no harm" to which I wholeheartedly agree! The easy solution to the most difficult pet acceptance problems. OraZn features a neutral pH and a truly taste free application. OraZn is ideal for maintaining the oral health of dogs and cats.

Click here for details. $9. 99 A non-staining, scent free formulation that controls chronic yeast and Staph otitus. This product helps calm sensitive and painful ears and help resolve itching.

Zn4. 5 Otic can be used as an adjunct to antibiotic or steroid therapy and helps maintain ears after the initial problems or infections are resolved. Click here for details. $16.

00 All of the health aids offered here are designed to go beneath the surface level of the affected area to accelerate optimal healing. I have used each of these products on my family's pets with excellent results. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Please note: Items on this page ship to the continental U.S. only.