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If your sex life isn’t always all you had hoped it would be, you aren’t alone. Even if you are in a loving, stable relationship, it’s possible you may be missing out on the enjoyment and fulfillment of a full female sexual response. Many of us experience a decrease in sexual desire or satisfaction at some point in our lives. Contributing factors can include stress, depression, childbirth, menopause, or hormonal fluctuations. Many women ignore their feelings, believing that a decline in libido is “just something that happens,” not something that can be easily corrected. You do have a choice. Today, there’s . is not a prescription drug.

It is a gentle, non-prescription daily supplement shown to promote better blood flow and increased muscular relaxation for an improved libido and a healthier, more energetic sexual response. The ingredients in have been shown to combat the negative effects of menopause, and may help ease night sweats and hot flashes in women who suffer from these symptoms. But Avlimil is not just for women experiencing menopause. The isoflavones in can help restore a gentle normalization of estrogen levels at any stage of a woman’s life, meaning you can restore your natural balance without the use of steroids or other potentially dangerous drugs. Discover for yourself how can help you gently and effectively achieve a healthier, more satisfying sex life so that you can get back to being yourself again Many of us experience times in life when sexual intimacy is not as pleasurable or fulfilling as it once was. Female sexual concerns can negatively impact our relationships and our self-esteem. Female sexual issues may appear at various times throughout a woman’s life and may involve: Difficulty or inability to become aroused/stimulated/lubricated Lack of or diminishing libido Difficulty or inability to become aroused/stimulated Difficulty or inability to reach climax Problems like these are more common than you may think. Some of the factors that may negatively impact our sexual well-being include, but are not limited to: Now you have a choice.

Avlimil is a gentle, once-daily tablet that can help you achieve a healthier, more satisfying sex life, without hormones or prescription drugs.

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